Saturday, March 29, 2008

Placentia to be featured on CBC this Monday

This Monday, Placentia will be featured on CBC Radio's Morning Show. I'm not sure what or who else will be featured, but I know local musicians and artists Kevin Collins, Larry Foley, and Bill Rose will be on.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Morning Show's website mentions any specific info (I just had a quick perusal, but of course I might have missed it). If anyone has more information please leave a comment on this entry (I've had to put a spam filter on, a sign of the blog's success I suppose, but don't let that deter you).

I have also heard Radio Noon may be doing something . . . ? I have been away this week and haven't been keeping up. I'll post again when more information comes my way.

In any case, 94.1 fm is the frequency CBC is broadcast from, right here in Placentia. Be sure to tune in on Monday!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Placentia Twice on tomorrow's Weekend Arts Magazine

Weekend Arts Magazine Saturday and Sunday from 6-9:30 am.

This week on WAM, host Angela Antle talks to Winterset Award nominees: Paul Rowe, Kathleen Winter and George A. Rose about their books and what the nomination means to them as authors. As well Russell Wangersky, the award winning writer and Telelgram editor has just written a book chronicling his love of fighting fires and the emotional toll it has taken on his life. And Placentia's Bill Hogan talks up the cultural revitalization of his town.

Also, many congratulations to Paul Rowe for his Winterset nomination! That is major news, and it's sure to bring more attention to Paul's excellent book, The Silent Time.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sheila's Brush: Swept up a Storm!

In both senses of the word! The actual Sheila's Brush, endured by Newfoundlanders for centuries, sure hit us with a wallop this year, dumping huge amounts of first snow and then freezing rain, with a side serving of high winds.

But this weather didn't stop the other Sheila's Brush (see previous entry). 32 people braved the storm to come to the Placentia Public Library. Bernard Penney, Christopher Newhook, Lucy Duke, Linda Miller, and Jim Pretty all had visual arts and crafts on display, while Marina Gambin, Alice Lannon, Michael Collins, and Christopher Newhook all presented, read, or performed for the gathered group.

The library was transformed with simple but effective decoration and mood lighting. It was an extremely cozy and warm atmosphere -- a good refuge from the storm outside.

We also wish to take the moment to express condolences to Marina and her family for the recent passing of her brother Reginald. We thank Marina for sharing her stories during a difficult time.

Also, thanks to Christopher Newhook, who took these photos. I took some as well, but most did not come out very well.

As always, click on an image to make it larger.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sheila's Brush: An evening of cultural heritage

I'm pleased to announce the following. Click to view a larger version:

"sheila's blush*, ~ brush; also sheila: fierce storm and heavy snowfall about the eighteenth of
March (England, 1924) "Perhaps the most memorable of those occasions was on the night
of 'Sheila's Brush,' which is to say the 18th of March. Newfoundland has two 'brushes,' Patrick's and
Sheila's; that is to say, storms supposed to be connected with the birthday of St Patrick and that of his
wife... The word 'brush' is not always used, however; you will hear Newfoundlanders say:
'We have our Sheila dis time o' year.'"

Admission is free. At the moment, the lineup includes Alice Lannon, storyteller, Marina Gambin, author, Michael Collins, poet, Christopher Newhook, artist, and Bernard Penney, artist.

It's not meant to be representative or definitive, so other writers and artists shouldn't feel left out. It's our hope to hold more of these in future, so if you're interested come out to Sheila's Brush and let us know.

Lears Cove

Mr. John C. Ralph has been forwarding lovely pictures to The Placentia Blog for a few weeks now, but a combination of technical issues and the maintainer's busy schedule conspired to keep them unposted. Over the next week or so I hope to share them all with you, as they are well worth seeing.As always, click the image to view a larger version of it.

I think this is an excellent shot of Lear's Cove, south of St. Bride's. It really shows how verdant the Cape Shore can be --- quite in contrast to the stereotypical image of Newfoundland as nothing more than a barren rocky isle.

In the 1935 census, Lear's Cove is reported as having 14 residents, with another 11 "reported with Lear's Cove but residing elsewhere" (as to what that means, your guess is as good as mine). Fatima Academy's website also has a page about Lear's Cove. They say the final resident moved out in 1961.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Patrick's Weekend at the Star of the Sea

Where else would you be?

I'm having trouble uploading the poster and also pictures of celebrations past (blogger's fault, not mine), but here's the vitals.

Friday, March 14: Parish Concert at 7:30 pm, followed by a Kitchen Party
Saturday, March 15: THIRD STRIKE
Sunday, March 16: EVEN TIDE, 2-6pm, THIRD STRIKE, 6-closing.

This is also the Star of the Sea's 132 Birthday!!!!