Monday, April 7, 2008

Placentia's Stuart Simpson Wins Memorial University's "Rant Like Rick" Contest

Winners of the Rant Like Rick Contest.

One of the 3 winners is Placentia's (well, Point Verde's) own Stuart Simpson, well-known locally for his acting and general community spirit (Stuart is currently student president at Laval High School).

You can view Stuart's rant here (scroll down; he is the 3rd one listed).

The site says:

If there’s one thing Stuart Simpson has, its passion. Passion for music, passion for acting, passion for writing, and passion getting involved. It’s no wonder this Placentia, Newfoundland and Labrador native was a natural fit for the Rant Like Rick contest. A two-time acting award winner, Stuart says the contest was an innovative and fresh opportunity to use his talents to express his opinion and earn money for tuition. Stuart’s passionate rant focused on the growing popularity of Facebook, and how the social networking site seems to be consuming his peers, “whenever anyone is within three feet of a computer they are nearly on Facebook, and even when they’re nowhere near a computer, they’re thinking about Facebook,” says Stuart. Stuart’s antidote to the Facebook epidemic is to get offline and get involved. In his free time, Stuart enjoys writing, reading, and drawing, serves as President of his high school student council, and is a member of his high school’s drama club..


Anonymous said...
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nadinebc said...

Thanks for posting that, I had no idea who won!

AMIT said...

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